To build self-confidence of women

To allow women to reclaim a sense of belonging.

To encourage women to stop silent suffering.

To advocate and educate women on their rights, issues and responsibilities.

To teach women to work alongside men confidently and competitively.

To widen and increase skills and competence of women.

To teach importance of team work and how to operate within a team environment.

To encourage and teach women to attain Economic Empowerment.

To create sustainable avenues for women's economic empowerment.

To encourage women to participate in decision making.

To increase women's political participation at all levels.


Care Society.

Hulhumale' Association for Women's Improvement. (HAWI),

Society for Women Against Drugs (SWAD).

The original individual participants are still part of the executive team and remain as Board important members.
To empower women to fully participate confidently in political, economic and social development in the Maldives


To develop women to their full potential, build their confidence and create a sustainable, conducive platform for women to participate holistically with confidence and competence alongside men in all spheres of national development of Maldives.